How to do a ponytail with short hair

Most men selflessly say that women have no idea what they want. Or rather, their desires are not constant – today one thing, tomorrow another. And it is quite silly for the beautiful sex to be offended by this judgment. After all, there is some truth in it. And it fully proves the fact that many young ladies, first choose to give a special charm haircut-mini, and then suffer a question: “How to make an elegant ponytail for short hair?

This material offers young ladies who want to be fashionable, a few original hairstyles. They are notable for the fact that they will suit even the owners of short hair.

The ponytail From what was

Immediately we would like to voice that a ponytail for short hair will only be possible if the length of the curls reaches at least to the cheekbones. With haircuts “Pixie”, “Gavroche”, “under the pot” and similar to adorn yourself with the desired hairstyle will be impossible. Or the ponytail will be extremely small. This option is suitable for young people, statuesque ladies will only use a wig. Although, and in this situation there are undeniable advantages. They are mainly concluded in the fact that the length of the tail, as well as the hair color, can be changed on a daily basis. It is only necessary to purchase different hairpieces in a specialized store.

But if the young lady is not afraid to look bold, bold and modern, she can gather a ponytail on short hair, such as the one shown in the photo above. And if you repaint the strands under it in a contrasting shade, the image will turn out original and stylish at all.

The original

We are accustomed that under the hairstyle, the name of which is indicated in the title of the current item, we mean a gentle very romantic hairstyle, suitable only for beautiful persons with hair below the shoulders long. However, recently another, no less spectacular has gained popularity. Its main difference is that the tip of the tail does not hang down, as in the usual one, but slightly tossed up or back. Depending on the desire of the young lady.

This hairstyle, it is important to note, is also a ponytail, and on short hair is ideal. Moreover, the owners of longer hair will not be able to do it.

“Hint” of a ponytail

We previously said that it is much easier for young people to build on their heads the original hairstyle and look not only unusual, but also stylish. And in order to back up the words with facts, we offer the reader to look at the image above.

As you can see, it is possible to make a fashionable ponytail on short hair, even with practically no hair. The photo shows a guy, but girls can also take this option of hairstyle. Of course, with a dress in a romantic style it will not be combined very much, but with sneakers, jeans and a T-shirt – just right.

However, it is important to take into account that for such a hairstyle requires a special haircut. After all, the area of the tail is separated in advance, and the rest of the hair is cut much shorter to get the right contrast. The only disadvantage of the haircut is that a lazy person or a person who is not remarkable for his imagination, can become a hostage of one or two images for a long time. But the ponytail on the short hair can be done every day.

As in childhood…

We sometimes do not think about it, but a huge number of original hairstyles can be seen in children. Again, for a business lady or a young lady, whose work requires a strict dress code, such images are not suitable. But the young people will be very helpful.

For example, the ponytails on short hair, pictured in the following photo, will perfectly complement not only a sporty outfit, but also a romantic one.

It is very easy to make them. Consider the step by step instructions:

It is necessary to slightly twist the ends of curls.

Then you should separate them with a parting, carried out through the nape of the head.

After separating two large strands on the crown of the head and tie them with beautiful elastic bands or ribbons.

A false ponytail

We have previously mentioned that it is still possible to boast of a long ponytail, but this requires a wig or chignon. Recently, however, the extensions shown in the photo have become quite popular.

They are attached directly to the existing “stump”, as sometimes people who wear natural hairstyles with a ponytail on short hair say. And they do not necessarily have to be matched in tone to your shade of curls. Especially for young people. Although the ladies, who have already reached an elegant age, can afford to show their originality, brightness and liveliness.

Creative Ponytail

The next option, which we would like to offer to the reader, is quite simple. But it looks very effective and stylish. Some people will understand the technology when looking at the photo.

If the picture of the model could not understand the actions, then we will explain. So, to begin with, you should comb your hair well. Then divide them with a parting from the crown to the back of the head into two equal parts. After that, it is necessary to make two more partitions, leaving the base part at the distance of one and a half centimeters. Unnecessary curls fasten with clips. And the middle part should be plaited in a “Yarrow” plait. The tip of the braid is connected to the hair and it is knotted in a beautiful ponytail.

Ponytail with a selection of front strands

In many haircuts, curls that are near the face are cut in such a way that they are not removed into the hairstyle. Or rather, it requires them to be generously moistened with gel or a styler, but then the ponytail turns out sleek and not voluminous, as is fashionable now. However, the experts offer us the original alternative. To create it, you don’t even need to try to put the front strands into the hairstyle. As the hairstyle looks original only thanks to this unusual detail.

To make the hairstyle shown in the photo above is very simple. You just need a circular partition to separate a part of the locks, near your face. The rest of the hair should be gathered into a high ponytail. It is not always possible to make a ponytail with short hair. But the experts find a way out even in this case, proposing to pinned stray strands of fine hair with cotter pins.

The effective volume ponytail

To deny that fashion is changing daily, it makes no sense. However, it is still necessary to follow the most important trends. One of the latest trends is considered a volume ponytail. Hairstyle with it looks much more airy, stylish and festive. Many ladies with mini haircuts are convinced that it is impossible to make such a beauty. However, this is a big misconception. And further we will prove it.

As can be seen in the example of the model presented in the previous photo, a volume ponytail on short hair can still be done. And look such not just beautiful, but also very original. The only nuance of styling lies in the fact that during its creation it will be impossible to do without a comb, which will have to be secured with varnish. If this does not scare our reader, then he can boldly embody a similar image at home.

To do this, you should purchase an ordinary toothed comb in a store and use it to make a comb. The movement should start from the forehead, thereby highlighting the bangs. Even if there are no bangs. Then gradually descend to the back of the head. The ends of curls should be carefully gathered into a ponytail. The main thing is not to pull them. Otherwise the volume will not work. Fasten the ponytail with an elastic band. On top of which, if you want, you can wrap a thin strand.

ponytail with short hair

Unusual ponytail

We have previously talked about the fact that many ideas for original hairstyles can be seen on small children. And further we would like to offer in detail another interesting option.

As you can see, thanks to the photo, it looks very good. And it is performed quite easily. Only it is necessary to prepare a lot of small rubber bands beforehand. And you can choose one-colored or multicolored. It all depends on your own mood.

So, how to make a ponytail with short hair:

  1. The first thing is to divide the hair in a straight part, moving from the forehead to the nape of the neck.
  2. Then with the same comb we separate on both sides of the first zone of hair.
  3. And we fix it with elastic bands. Each side is its own.
  4. In the same way we separate the next zone.
  5. And also secure both ponytails with rubber bands. Only in this case they will not be independent. To them it is necessary to add the previous ones. Each on its side.
  6. Similarly, we pick up the strands from the forehead to the crown.
  7. Then the technology of creating a hairstyle changes slightly. After all, now it is important not to weave the previous ponytail into the new one.
  8. Then we leave the ready ponytails and start forming other ponytails. But this time we move from the back of the head.
  9. We separate a small part of the left and the right side of the hair, and then fix them with elastic bands.
  10. The second level of ponytails, directed upwards, is done in the same way. The only difference is that you should tackle the ponytails of the first level.
  11. When all the hair is gathered in a hairstyle, there should be six “stray” ponytails on the crown. Three on each side. Gather them into one and smooth out the deficiencies of the hairstyle with your hands or comb.

To summarize, we can say that there is no secret to making a beautiful ponytail on short hair. You just need not to be lazy and to give your hair the attention it deserves. And then it will be possible to look beautiful, stylish and diverse at least every day.