List Of Top 10 Ideas Of Hairstyles With A Ponytail

Ponytail is an average magic wand hairstyle for those situations, when someone needs to be ready in a minute. That is the reason why a lot of girls mostly decide to wear ponytails daily and when they are in a hurry. There are some simple variants to wear every day, but ponytail is still not only a simple routine hairstyle for lazy girls. It also could be super stylish.

There is a huge amount of new trends in all aspects of life and especially in hairstyles almost every season and sometimes it is really hard to follow them. Changing hair color and length every few month is not really a good idea. Trends are trends, but healthy hair will always look flawless, despite the style, cut and color. But what to do to make a regular bottom ponytail look not so boring? Modern hair trends brought us some creative variants to try. In the list below there are top 10 ideas of hairstyles with a ponytail for casual and special events.

Ponytail hairstyle ideas

  1. Classy Sleek Bottom Tail. A globally known boring ponytail still could master every style. Super sleek bottom ponytail with center parting and flat ends will make the whole look on fleek. Changing the parting, twisting it on the right or left is also a good idea. It makes huge changes in regular boring styles.
  2. Make It High To The Sky. Another regular variant of a ponytail and it already looks more interesting than the previous one. But there are no reasons why it couldn’t be sassier. Sleek high tail with the center part or without it at all will make everyone look like models on the runway or Hollywood stars.
  3. Secret Low Volume. What about some secrets? Still sleek and shiny top with messy voluminous low back tail looks extra and glamorous and it is excellent choice for the red carpet or at least some special occasions to look splendid without difficulties.
  4. Side-Swept and Low. Classic ponytails are still boring, so side-swept style will make the whole look super sweet and comfy. It is a great idea for meetings with friends or cozy evenings at home.
  5. With Braids. This boxer inspired look with two side braids that join together in one. It could be both bottom or high.
  6. Bardot Bangs. Cutting bangs always completely changes the whole style. Bardot bangs with a high ponytail make very romantic and soft look that fits every situation.
  7. Bubble It Up. Childlike hairstyles on adults look especially trendy today. Long high ponytail parted three or more times in bubbles and fluffed looks a bit infantile, but super stylish and cute.
  8. Tail-To-Braid. The variation of simple high ponytail, but braided at the tail part. Such style looks unusual and creative, but it is still easy to do.
  9. Beauty And The Beast Inspired. Very loose and soft hairstyle inspired by one of the Disney princesses. Such romantic style is created just from the less structured average low ponytail carefully wrapped with a bow or a ribbon.
  10. Texture Play. Sleek ponytails look extra glamorous, but textured hairstyles could look no worse. Soft messy waves or bouncy curls with side tendrils framing the face shape is the easiest messy lifesaver hairstyle for every woman.   

Simple ponytail is a wonderful simple style for lazy days, but modern hair trends brought some new variants to make boring ponytail both into a glamorous style for the red carpet or into romantic variation for cozy evenings or meetings with friends.

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