How to Find the Best Suitable Short Haircut With Bangs?

Short hair became the main go-to cut among girls and women all over the world. And it is not a big wonder, because shorter hair brings less difficulties with styling. Fortunately, last few seasons short cuts are on the highest point of popularity and today’s trends bring a lot of variants to try. But wearing the same haircut, whether trendy or not, could be boring, so what to do?

Bangs are able to take every regular haircut to the next level. It is the simplest way to get a brand new look without difficulties in several minutes. Women can easily cover all disadvantages and show all the best parts, it is easy to find the proper style of bangs for every face shape. Bangs always look splendid, especially with shorter hair. There are some interesting variants of the best short haircuts with bangs in this article.

What Kind Of Bangs To Choose?

Bangs are able to make a change in the whole style dramatically without changing the length or color. It is even possible to look younger just by adding bangs to the regular cut. Depending on a shape of the face there are some suitable variants of bangs in the list below.

Hairstyle ideas depending on bangs

  • One Side Bangs. Soft side bangs are an excellent everyday variant. They make the whole style very feminine and composed. Such bangs are the best for round or heart-shaped face. A suitable haircut for such bangs is a classic bob cut or even short one-sided chopped pixie, they could be plain and smooth with flat ends or messy and loose as the whole haircut.   
  • Short Cropped Fringe. Short bangs are the trend-perfect cut for risky women who are in a search for a sassy style. A regular plain jaw-length bob or extra short pixie are created for such bangs. Bright colors or colorful highlights will add a girly playful zest as well.
  • Thick Bangs. Another beautiful variant for jaw or cheek-length bob inspired by Amelie. A bit childlike and cute haircut for brave women with oval faces.
  • Bardot Bangs. It is the most romantic style of bangs in the world! Bangs inspired by Brigitte Bardot are for lovely girls who wants to achieve a soft and elegant look. Women with every face shape should try this out! It is quite hard to set it every morning, but the finished look worth it without any doubts. Shoulder-length bob cut is the best choice for Bardot bangs.
  • Thin Bangs. Thin fringe came to the world from South Korean beauties. Such bangs open faces and make them sweeter and girly-like, they are wonderful with chin-length bob or ponytails. It is a style of school girls and good for those, who want to look easy-going and gentle.

Bangs are a worldwide trend among girls, who are looking for some experiments. They are perfect for different face shapes to hide even small disadvantages and show off all the best sides. And it is a very simple way to make a small step, that dramatically changes the whole look just in seconds.

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